5 Reasons to Move to S/4HANA

Relax, it makes your job easier: House everything that belongs to the intelligent core within your organization's in-memory database structure. This makes managing the IT landscape a whole lot easier. Reduces processing time: With the elimination of aggregate tables, the digital in-memory system can run multiple batch jobs for transaction or analytical data with no dependencies. Get that shiny new flexible UI: Utilize S/4HANA across various environments such as an HTML5 client to use with SAP Fiori, or even Big Data scenarios with R, SQL, etc. This makes shipment tracking and rate shopping for end users easy as pie. Future-proof your IT landscape: Stay on top of your innovation game just from adopting SAP S/4HANA. This will make transitioning from on-premise to cloud easy when you are ready to do so. Maximize your resources and save money: Diminish the monotonous process of extracting, transforming, and loading functions to increase coordination and communication efficiency. This relief makes room for resources to be allocated to other projects. Get shipping integration help within S/4HANA by emailing us at sales@erp-is.com! As the creator of ShipERP™, ERP Integrated Solutions is an SAP Partner that's dedicated to increasing supply chain efficiencies via shipment optimization. Learn more at erp-is.com.

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